How do I pause a Car Subscription?

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Ford Fiesta in Yellow parked in the streets of London

Pausing Car Subscriptions

One of the main reasons many individuals and business owners choose a car subscription, is for flexibility. Most providers allow you to easily pause a subscription but may require notice to terminate.

Today we’re going to look at the notice periods of a handful of providers in the UK.

Ford Fiesta in Yellow parked in the streets of London

Care by Volvo

Depending on the contract you choose with Care by Volvo, on their ‘flex’ contracts you will be required to provide three months’ notice to cancel (or change your Volvo).


Cazoo no longer offer car subscriptions and have terminated many of their customer contracts, as per the terms of the agreement. Please see our article Cazoo Car Subscription Alternatives.

Cocoon Vehicles

Cocoon Vehicles requires just 5 days’ notice to return the vehicle when taken on one of their car subscriptions. You must be in the vehicle for the ‘minimum qualifying period’ to get the cheaper rate as they can reserve the right to charge a higher rate. This is just 90 days on the majority of Cocoon’s cars.

Drive Car Flex

Drive Car Flex in Yorkshire, requires just 5 days’ notice to return your car, this is subject to availability. You must take the vehicle for the ‘minimum qualifying period’ to get the best rate. You can take the car back to Drive Car Flex’s de-fleet centre in Leeds for free or have it collected for a small charge.


If you have taken an elmoFlex contract, you just need to take the car back for 60-days minimum term. You are required to give 30 days’ notice to pause or cancel your car subscription with elmo. If you take out the elmoSave, you need to give at least 30-days’ notice from month 11 (12-month commitment required).


Evogo sign you up to an 89-day agreement, it is not possible to terminate this early without paying for the balance of the agreement. At the end of the 89-day period, if you want to extend, you need to re-sign up for another 89 days.


As long as you don’t sign up for one of their fixed short-term car leases, Flexed offer rolling 28-day contracts that can be terminated at the end of each period. You can return the car free of charge back to their de-fleet centre in York or have them collect it for a fee.


Flexigo require just 5 days’ notice to terminate their car subscriptions, subject to availability. A minimum term must be met with according to their website is 90 days on most of their vehicle subscriptions. If you swap cars, you will not pay a collection charge on the return vehicle.

Genesis Flexibility

With Genesis Flexibility, you take the vehicle for 18 months. But contracts can be terminated after month 6 by providing 30 days notice. You can call Genesis on 0800 8048 115 to discuss this.


No information can currently be found about the return of their vehicle subscriptions. We will keep a close eye on this and update this article when we have done this.


30 days’ notice is required to cancel a vehicle subscription with Mocean unless you have opted for an 18-month contract. If you have already met your initial period, the contract will renew monthly until notice is given.


Mycardirect Ltd’s subscriptions are flexible and you have the opportunity to return your car before the end of the contract. Whilst no details are provided on their website, this can all be actioned from the ‘My Garage’ section of the website. A member of the Mycardirect team will be in touch to discuss the return.


ONTO have made it easy to return your car, simply login to “My Account” and click on cancel your subscription. All of ONTO’s vehicles need to be taken for a minimum 1-month period. A collection charge will be payable for all ONTO’s vehicles.


All Pivotal vehicles require 1-months notice to terminate or change your vehicle, this is after the initial 3-month period. Customers have provided feedback that changing cars can be quite difficult due to restricted availability.


Sixt+ make it very easy to return your car as all contracts are based on 1-month and can be renewed each and every month. It is important to note that any returns mid-payment period are chargeable up to the end of that 30-day period. So it is best to plan the return based on your billing dates.


Wagonex allows you to return the car before the minimum term but an additional charge may be payable depending on the length of the contract you originally signed up for. Once you have requested a return Wagonex’s vehicle supplier will be in touch to discuss the process.

Compare Car Subscription Providers

It is so easy to compare the various services offered by vehicle subscription providers in the UK on our website. Find the companies that offer insurance included or those that offer premium and luxury cars, many of the car providers offer a good mileage allowance but those who need higher mileages need to really look at the excess mileage charges and terms.

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