Manufacturer Backed Vehicle Subscriptions

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Manufacturer-backed vehicle subscriptions are available from a handful of brands, these are also known as OEM Vehicle Subscriptions.

Whilst some of the larger brands such as BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen have dipped their toes in the water with a subscription service, these services have been put on hold ready for further development. BMW also trialed their vehicles through Drover (Cazoo).

With many of the multi-brand providers, you have one account but the choice of multiple car brands, manufacturer-backed schemes offer their car brands only.

Benefits to Manufacturer-backed Providers

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the independent multi-brand vehicle subscription providers such as Cocoon Vehicles, Flexed or Wagonex. By opting for a manufacturer car subscription plan, you could potencially gain the customer service of their dealer network.

Care by Volvo for instance, offers the possibility of ordering online via their website or from one of their many Volvo dealers across the UK.

By going straight to the manufacturer you may also gain additional savings in the monthly subscription, as you are going direct and not through a provider.

Who offers OEM Car Subscriptions?

The list is growing all of the time, but below are the companies that currently offer subscriptions:

Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo Website Screenshot

Hugely popular on our website, the Care by Volvo subscription service is a fantastic way to run some of the latest models. You can opt for a 3-month contract or commit to 36-months.

They have vehicles available within a few weeks or Care by Volvo is one of the few subscription providers that allows you to custom order your next car.

The full range of Volvo’s is available including the new Volvo EX90.


Pivotal Car Subscription Website

Jaguar Land Rover’s offering is very popular giving you access to the range available from this amazing car brand.

Commit to 3-months and you can keep most cars up to 18 months from the 1st date of registration. You can even choose to subscribe to one of the New Range Rover Sports/

The set-up process is ultra slick and the customer service is excellent. Peruse the reviews and you will see that there are a lot of repeat customers.


Mocena Website Screenshot

Backed by Hyundai, Mocean is one of the latest manufacturers to jump on the subscription band wagon. Whilst the range is limited, the investment into this program is huge.

You can opt for some of the latest Hyundai’s including the Ioniq 5 and the latest Hyundai Tucson.

At the moment, locations that are taking part in this program is limited but it is being rolled out slowly across the UK.

Nissan Subscriptions

Nissan Subscriptions Screenshot of website

Nissan launched its OEM car subscription service in 2023 with a handful of vehicles including; Nissan Juke, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Ariya and the Nissan Leaf.

The service is managed by Bipi and prices are reasonable with cars available from 3-months plus, with 24 month commitments offering the best prices.

At the moment, Nissan will not be rolling the their subscription service out to dealerships.

Genesis Flexibility

Genesis Flexibility Car Subscription Screenshot

Not only is this a new car brand to the UK, but Genesis Flexibility is also one of the latest vehicle subscription plans available in the UK.

This manufacturer based provider gives you access to quite a few new cars, some of which have probably not been seen on the road by yourself.

You can manage the contract online easily with the majority of the contracts coming with an 18-month commitment, which makes it fall into the short-term car lease category.

Easily compare Manufacturer Based Providers

Use the website to easily compare manufacturer-based car subscriptions. Find the providers that offer a truly flexible approach or those that offer the lowest upfront costs.

We also now display some of the best car subscription offers in the UK, including those from Pivotal.

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