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Our website has been uber busy for 2022, with almost 85,000 visitors to our website generating hundreds of enquiries for those vehicle subscription companies listed on our website.

We asked a handful of providers what there most requested feature was for a car, so here are the top 3:

Top 3 Requested Car Features

Here are the top 3 most requested features for 2022:

Apple CarPlay

Gone are the days where Satellite Navigation was the “must-have” gadget for the car, today smartphones rule in so many different ways. Apple has really made a great job, along with the manufacturers, of integrating iOS into your car screens.

At your fingertips you’ve got some of the best navigation apps available and of course music streaming services with the likes of BBC Sounds and Spotify.

Heated Seats

Many of the car come with heated front seats as standard now, some like the Tesla Model 3 and Y, even have heated rear seats.

And really, who would refuse keeping your bottom nice and warm over the winter months.

Speaking with many of the subscription providers, they said that heated seats was always the most requested feature, even in the summer but Apple CarPlay has overtaken the rest.

Lane Assist

Speaking to many of the providers, Lane Assist can be a “want” but also a “don’t want”.

Whilst safety in cars is always a priority, it is understood that many drivers do not like the way the car can intervene when the car’s computers think you may be crossing the line.

Many other customers who do mega miles, like the feature and think it helps with their overall alertness when driving.

Other features subscribers have asked for:


What would you like to see on your next vehicle, is there anything specific you like to use on a regular basis?

Please let us know using the form in the footer.

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