Question of the Week: No Subscription Car Trackers

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Whilst not directly connected to Car Subscriptions, this week we have had the following question submitted to our inbox:

David from Shrewsbury asks “Can you recommend any trackers for my car that doesn’t require me to have a subscription?”

No Subscription Car Tracker

Looking through websites such as Ebay and Amazon, their are plenty of retailers selling self-install car trackers, but the majority of these will need some kind of data connection normally utilising a PAYG sim card from one of the many mobile phone networks in the UK.

But very few offer a no subscription option, but there are a few workarounds…

Apple AirTag

If you are deeply integrated into Apple’s offering, then an Apple AirTag is a great solution to tracking your car. Although the AirTags are designed to be a key finder, many people are utilising for things such as tracking pets and even their suitcases at airports.

It uses Ultra-Windband (UWB) and Bluetooth Technology along with the billon iPhone and iPad devices in the world to give you a location on your item (or car). The UWB then kicks in to give you a more precise location of the item.

Whilst it has been reported in the news that Apple AirTags have actually been used for stealing cars, this can be used the other way around to help track your vehicle.

From around £25, you can purchase an Apple AirTag and place this in your vehicle. We would recommend trying to find somewhere under your bonnet, or close to a window to really give the signal a chance. Burying it in your glovebox may hinder the reception.

Tile Tracker

If you don’t have an Apple iPhone and work on Android, or you have a mixture of both devices. Then a Tile Tracker may be the better solution.

Again, whilst these units are really meant for key tracking, they are ideal to place in your vehicle and keep an eye on its location. These units also use something called “crowd GPS” which utlisies other smartphone that are running the Tile app.

The other benefit to the Tile tracker is that they start from around £15 each and discounts can be had for bulk buying them.

Subscription Car Trackers

If you don’t mind paying a monthly charge for a car tracker, you really open up the options available to you.

TruTrak offers a fantastic solution and costs only £5 per month to run, it is known as a battery topper tracker so whilst this isn’t hidden away, gives you some peace of mind should your car get stolen.

More Information

We will attempt to keep this blog post up to date as technology changes and should anyone have any better solutions, please do drop us a line to see if we can provide any further information.


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