Overview of Care by Volvo

Overview of Care by Volvo

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Car Subscription

One single monthly charge that covers rental, maintenance, servicing, warranty, roadside assistance, mileage allowance and more. This is Care by Volvo.

Whats included?

Lets have a look at everything that is included with a Care By Volvo Subscription:

Care by Volvo does not include insurance, the cost of fuel or consumables such as AdBlue, Washer Fluid or Oil. They also do not cover charges for speeding, parking tickets or toll road usage. All contracts are subject to elgibility.

How does Care by Volvo compare with leasing?

There are always Pro’s and Con’s to car subscriptions vs. car leasing, the differences between the 2 products can be confusing, so we have included the following comparison table to help you make the right choice:

Compare by Volvo Comparison Table Infographic
Care by Volvo T&C’s

Change of car is subject to status. 3-months’ notice and the change of car option do not apply when you opt for the fixed 36-month subscription. The subscription excludes fuel and consumables such as AdBlue, Washer Fluid and Oil, also charges for speeding, parking tickets and

What are the benefits over traditional leasing?

With Care by Volvo’s Car Subscription you are safe in the knowledge that you pay out one monthly payment that covers all of the essentials when running a car. When the car is in need of a service, it is covered and paid for. Should anything go wrong with the car you have the manufacturers warranty, tyres wearing down, it will be replaced. Plus if you opt for the 3-month agreement, you can swap your car on a more regular basis.

Volvo XC60

How long do I need to commit to?

Care by Volvo offers 2 types of contract: 3-month notice period or you can commit to a fixed 36-month period. There is price differences between the 2, you need to choose the one that fits your needs and requirements.

How do I collect my Volvo?

When you choose a Care by Volvo Subscription, they can deliver to your door, or if you prefer a more traditional handover you can also collect the car from your preferred dealership.

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