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Are you tired of the same old playlists and limited music libraries? Look no further than Amazon Music Unlimited, the ultimate music streaming service that offers unlimited access to over 75 million songs, ad-free. With a wide range of features and an extensive catalog, Amazon Music Unlimited stands out as one of the best music streaming services available today.

What Sets Amazon Music Unlimited Apart?

When comparing Amazon Music Unlimited to other popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, several key differences emerge:

Catalogue Size

Amazon Music Unlimited boasts an impressive library of over 75 million songs, giving users access to a vast array of music across genres and eras. This exceeds the offerings of Spotify and Apple Music, making it a top choice for music enthusiasts.

Integration with Amazon EcoSystem aka Alexa

As part of the Amazon ecosystem, Amazon Music Unlimited seamlessly integrates with Alexa-enabled devices, allowing users to easily control their music with voice commands. This level of convenience sets it apart from competitors like Spotify and Tidal.

Exclusive Content

Amazon Music Unlimited offers exclusive content, including original playlists, podcasts, and live performances, providing subscribers with unique listening experiences not found elsewhere.

Affordable Pricing

Amazon Music Unlimited offers competitive pricing plans, including individual, family, and student options, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Music Unlimited


  • Extensive music catalog with over 75 million songs
  • Seamless integration with Alexa-enabled devices
  • Exclusive content and original playlists
  • Affordable pricing plans for individuals, families, and students
  • Ad-free listening experience


  • Limited high-fidelity audio options compared to Tidal
  • Interface may be less intuitive for some users compared to Spotify and Apple Music

Comparison Table: Amazon Music Unlimited vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Tidal

Feature Amazon Music Unlimited Spotify Apple Music Tidal
Music Catalog 75+ million songs 70+ million songs 75+ million songs 80+ million songs
Price Starts at £9.99/month Starts at £9.99/month Starts at £9.99/month Starts at £9.99/month
Family Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Student Discount Yes Yes Yes No
Hi-Fi Audio Option Limited Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Content Yes No No Yes
Voice Control (Alexa) Yes No No No


With Amazon Music Unlimited, you’re not just getting a music streaming service; you’re gaining access to a world of unlimited possibilities. Explore over 75 million songs, enjoy exclusive content, and seamlessly control your music with Alexa integration. Whether you’re a casual listener, a music aficionado, or a family of music lovers, Amazon Music Unlimited has something for everyone.

Plus, with affordable pricing plans starting at just £9.99/month and the option for a family plan and student discount, accessing unlimited music has never been easier or more accessible. And don’t forget, new users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial to experience all that Amazon Music Unlimited has to offer before committing.

So why wait? Sign up today and embark on a musical journey like no other with Amazon Music Unlimited.


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