What is Euro 7?

What is Euro 7?

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Euro 7 emissions standards will come into force in July 2025 and sets a meximum standard for emissions of new cars ans vehicles sold in the UK (And Europe). Once the date has passed, new cars will not be allowed to be sold if they generate more emissions than the Euro 7 allows.

The ultimate goal of Euro 7 is in limit the air pollution from vehicles that can lead to global warning effects and poor air quality. The Euro 7 regulations come in on top of the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Whilst the Euro 7 standards have not been formally or legally finalised, car manufacturers and European lawmakers are in dispute over the level of the emissions that should be allowed.

Whilst the UK is no longer inthe EU, the UK givernment has committed to continue using the vehicle emissions standards as set out. This means that cars sold in the UK will have to be Euro 7 compliant, with very few exceptions.

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