Car Focus: Peugeot E-208

Car Focus: Peugeot E-208

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Peugeot E-208 in Yellow on a small quaint steet in the Cotswolds
Peugeot E-208 in Yellow on a small quaint steet in the Cotswolds

The Peugeot E-208 is the fully electric version of Peugeot’s ultra-popular 208 Hatchback and has been available from 2020 onwards. The beauty of this car is it looks like it’s ICE equivalent, without the silly futuristic looks that many of the other manufacturers are going for.

When you sit yourself behind the steering wheel, there won’t be much to give away to tell you that it is an electric car. It shows the range and a few helpful dials to make the most of the battery, it’s only when you turn it on and hit the pedal to feel the torque, that you realise that this is electric.

There are various trim levels availabel including Active Premium+, Allure Premium+ and GT, we’d opt for the latter with the slightly more powerful motors.

Specification is not shy on this model with most models including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and DAB Radio. There is app functionality, which may be limited if you’re on a vehicle subscription.

Range of the Peugeot E-208 is up to 224 miles on a full charge, we saw around 150 miles from our demo unit.

Which providers offer the Peugeot E-208?

At the moment, the following vehicle subscription providers offer the Peugeot E-208:

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