Car Subscription Charts for May 2024

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Yellow Volkswagen T-Roc driving across a bridge in a city

Welcome to our new look charts for May 2024, we’ve gone back to the old design of placing our most popular car subscription providers and most popular cars into one article. This is just a trial and if you prefer us to separate these again, please do let us know in the ENQUIRY FORM at the bottom of this article.

In the month of May 2024, we saw 9,042 visitors come to the website. In return we saw a record number of click-outs to providers websites along with more emails than ever before. We were excited to introduce short-term car leases to our deals feed and are currently working with a number of providers to replace the feeds from ONTO and elmo.

Most popular cars for May 2024

Here are the most popular vehicles on subscription for May 2024 based on page views on the website. The data is taken from our analytics system and is based on the car subscription deals pages and feeds.

1. Volkswagen T-Roc

2. Citroen C3

3. Volkswagen E-Up

4. Peugeot 2008

5. Skoda Octavia

All of the data has been provided from our analytics system and is based on the offers that have been fed into our system from external providers. Cars may appear in the charts above that are no longer available.

What are the most popular car brands for May 2024?

This section looks at the most popular brands for May 2024. This is based on our analytics data.

BMW Car Subscriptions

1. BMW

Volkswagen Car Subscriptions

2. Volkswagen

Peugeot Car Subscriptions

3. Peugeot

Volvo Car Subscriptions

4. Volvo

Audi Car Subscriptions

5. Audi

Most popular Fuel Types for May 2024

The data for the most popular fueltype has been taken from our analytics and then manually put into an excel spreadsheet to give us an overall standing:

Latest Car Subscription Deals

We’ve got over 800 deals advertised on our Car Subscriptions Deals pages. See a selection of our latest deals below:

Polo Hatchback
1.0 TSI Life
XC60 Estate
Ranger Pick Up
Double Cab Wildtrak 2.0 EcoBlue 205 5dr Auto
A4 Avant
40 TFSI Black Edition [C+S] [Leather] 5dr Auto
XC90 Estate
A Class Saloon
A200 AMG Line Premium 4dr Auto
EX30 Estate
Sportage Estate
1.6T GDI 48v ISG GT-Line
XC90 Estate

Most Popular Car Subscription Providers for May 2024

Please see below the latest charts for May 2024 for the most popular car subscription providers on our website. The data is taken from our Analytics system and is based on provider page views only, please see disclaimer underneath.

Evogo Logo

4. Evogo

Important Note. For May 2024, elmo, Cazoo and ONTO should have been in the above charts, but as they no longer offer car subscriptions, they have been removed manually. Leaseplan has been taken off due to reader feedback.

Car Subscription Provider Click-Outs for May 2024

Please see below the latest standings for ‘Click-Outs’ – This is based on the number of customers clicking out to a providers website and excludes all promoted items such as banners and guest posts.


May has been a nice month for numbers on the website, something we’re hoping to keep up for June onwards. The team are currently working on a number of projects including introducing some new providers to the website and the car subscriptions deals feed.

We’re also currently going through the providers pages to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we’re startin with Sixt as they have provided us with a few updates to add.

We’d like to know your thoughts onthe format of this article and where we can make improvements.

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