Mercedes-Benz Car Subscriptions

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Range of Mercedes Benz vehicles available

The word on the street seems to point out that there is a boatload of Mercedes-Benz cars ready to hit the various car subscription businesses in the UK, it looks like the backlog is finally clear.

So to make things easier for our readers we have put together a few of the brand new Mercedes cars that are available from the listed subscription suppliers on our website, before we do, we’ll cover the 5 best models available before looking deeper into the suppliers stock:

Available Mercedes Vehicles

Mercedes A-Class

Images for illustration purposes only

We all love the Mercedes A-Class, full of the latest MBUX technology, comfortable to drive and pretty spacious for a small to medium hatchback. From the A180 Sport Executive to the amazing Mercedes A35, these are available from the following providers:

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Mercedes GLC-Class

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Available in both the SUV and the Coupe version, this SUV is extremely popular across the board with many of our readers. The AMG Line is the model of choice giving you MBUX, Satellite Navigation, Climate Control and AMG Bodystyling. Some of the companies offer both Mild Hybrid versions, Plug-in Hybrid and even the sportier GLC43 and GLC63 models. The GLC is available from:

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Mercedes EQB-Class (Electric)

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The Mercedes GLB is a popular new model to hit the market, but it’s the Mercedes EQB that you really want to concentrate on. This compact SUV offers 7 seats on an all-electric platform with the looks of the GLB. On top of that, the EQB offers four-wheel drive (aka 4Matic) so is ideal if you live in the sticks. Electric range for the EQB is between 250to 275 (WLTP), providers include:

  • Cocoon Vehicles
  • Drive Car Flex
  • Flexigo
  • Flexirental
  • Short Term Car Leasing Ltd

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Mercedes EQC-Class (Electric)

Images for illustration purposes only

Another all-electric Mercedes offering is the EQC, based on the popular Mercedes GLC. The EQC was the first of the Mercedes Electric range to wear the EQ sub-brand badging. With a WLTP range of up to 255 miles and a 0-62 of just over 5 seconds, you’ll be wanting to stay in the driver’s seat a little longer. Here are the suppliers who have these on offer:

  • Cocoon Vehicles
  • Drive Car Flex (Coming Soon)
  • Mycardirect Ltd
  • Wagonex

Read the Auto Express review here: Mercedes EQC-Class Review

Mercedes GLE-Class

Images for illustration purposes only

Another of the Mercedes SUV range that offers both the Coupe and the SUV body styles. The Mercedes GLE is a big competitor against the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5, with it winning in many areas including comfort space and onboard tech thanks to the MBUX system. Here are the suppliers that currently have these available:

  • Cazoo (New and Used Vehicles)
  • Cocoon Vehicles
  • Drive Car Flex
  • Flexigo
  • Flexirental
  • Mycardirect Ltd
  • Short Term Car Leasing Ltd
  • Wagonex

Read the Top Gear review here: Mercedes EQC-Class Review

Providers who offer Mercedes models

Whilst we’ve covered the most popular Mercedes vehicles available on car subscription, we’ll just cover each of the suppliers and see what they’ve currently got on offer.


Cazoo currently have a fantastic range of Mercedes models including both new and used models, these include but not limited to: A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, GLC-Class, GLE-Class and the SLC-Class (Convertible)

Cocoon Vehicles

Cocoon Vehicles currently has one of the largest ranges of Mercedes available on their subscription service, these include (but not limited to): Mercedes A-Class, C-Class, CLA-Class, EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE (Coming Soon), EQS, EQV, GLA, GLB, GLC Coupe, GLC SUV, GLC Estate, GLC Coupe, S-Class and G-Wagen.

Drive Car Flex

With their Northern based vehicles, Drive Car Flex currently offers the following Mercedes models: Mercedes A-Class, C-Class Estate, CLA Coupe, GLA Hatchback and the GLE Coupe.


At the time of writing, Elmo did not have any Mercedes vehicles advertised on their electric vehicle subscription platform.


Based in York and part of Autohorn, Flexed currently advertise the Mercedes-Benz Vito and Mercedes-Sprinter on their Van Subscription service. On their car service, they currently advertise the Mercedes-Benz A35 4Matic Premium Plus Edition.


Flexigo currently offer the following vehicles on their flexible car subscriptions: Mercedes A-Class, C-Class, EQB Estate, EQC Estate, GLC Estate, GLE Estate, GLE Coupe and the latest Mercedes EQS. With more vehicles being added to the website soon.


Lakeland Fleet Management (Flexirental) have got an excellent range of Mercedes-Benz cars available including: Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes CLA-Class, Mercedes GLA-Hatchback, Mercedes GLC, Mercedes GLE-Class. Electric offerings include the EQC, EQS and EQV.

Mycardirect Ltd

Another fantastic range of vehicles is available from Mycardirect, these include the following Mercedes models: A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLA-Class, GLB Estate, EQA, GLC-Class, EQC and the GLE.


ONTO do not currently offer any of the Mercedes range on their electric car subscription program.

Short-Term Car Leasing Ltd

On their flexible car subscriptions, STCL currently offers the following Mercedes-Benz models: A-Class, C-Class, CLA-Class, GLA Hatchback, GLE-Coupe, GLC-Estate, GLB-Estate, EQA, EQB, EQC and the EQS.


At the time of publishing, Sixt+ do not offer any specific Mercedes models on their website.


Wagonex offers another wide range of Mercedes models on their website including the A-Class, B-Class, C-Class (Coupe & Saloon), E-Class, CLA-Class, GLB Estate, EQA, EQC, GLC SUV and the GLE SUV.

Compare Car Subscriptions

Whether you’re looking for a Mercedes car subscription or any other brand, make sure you look at the Car-Subscription UK website to help you compare the various suppliers.


All information provided is correct at the time of publishing (26th May 2022), we do not accept responsibility for any incorrect information.

Care Subscriptions UK has affiliate agreements with one or all of the providers. If you click through to their websites and/or proceed to take out a subscription contract, we may receive a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

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