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We get hundreds of enquiries through our website and many questions regarding the vehicle subscription providers in the UK, so we thought we’d focus on some of the questions from this week.

Penalty Points

This week we have had many questions on penalty points, so here goes:

I have 15 points on my Driving License which goes off next year but I am still allowed to drive. Can I get a car Subscription from any of these companies?

This will all depend on whether or not you require insurance with your vehicle subscription, many of the providers who offer fully inclusive insurance have stipulations on the number of points on your licences or even the types of endorsements.

6 penalty points is usually the maximum, but there may be companies such as Flexed who may be able to help.

An alternative is to choose a car subscription company where you supply your own fully comprehensive insurance, these include (but not limited to) Cocoon Vehicles, Flexigo Cars or a 2nd mention that goes to Flexed.

I have previously been disqualified for driving for drink-related offences, can I subscribe to a car?

As with the above, each subscription provider has its own exceptions for offering insurance. Drink driving-related offences usually are stipulated as one of those that cannot be covered.

You could choose a provider where you supply your own personal fully comprehensive insurance, these include (but not limited to) Flexed, Flexigo, Drive Car Flex, Cocoon Vehicles and Flexirental.

I have a company fleet policy, but I have 12 points on my licence, can I opt for a subscription vehicle?

Yes, again we’d aim for a subscription company that offers the vehicles without insurance. You will need to make sure that the car is covered fully comprehensive and that the vehicle is listed on the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

The company may ask for a copy of the schedule to ensure that you have told the insurance company about your penalty points and convictions.

What happens if I take a car subscription and get a speeding ticket?

If you are unfortunate to receive a speeding ticket whilst in a car subscription vehicle, the company will represent this in your name. There will usually be an administration charge from the provider, this is industry standard and can cost anywhere between £25 and £75 depending on the supplier.

Once you receive the ticket, you will then have to follow the instructions to ensure you lodge the speeding ticket correctly. You may have the opportunity to take a speed awareness course to avoid the penalty points.

If you have a fully inclusive insurance package with your subscription supplier, you will need to make them aware if you have received any penalty points, this could mean that you are no longer eligible for the inclusive insurance.

More Information

If you would like any more information about vehicle subscriptions then make sure you use our website to compare some of the top UK providers in the UK. Find those that offer insurance or those that offer truly flexible car subscriptions, it’s super easy to use. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then ask a question using our enquiry form.

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