22 Plate Car Subscriptions Launch Today

22 Plate Car Subscriptions Launch Today

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It’s the 1st March, which in the motor trade is new plate day! Today is the launch of the 22 plate, from today all unregistered vehicles will receive this number on their plate to show the 6-month period in which it was registered.

What does 22 plate mean?

The current number plate system was launched in 2001 and registrations occur twice a year in March and September.

This means that any vehicles registered after the 1st March 2022 will receive a 22 plate.

Understanding the current plate system

Following its introduction in 2001, the UK moved its registration system from the old suffix and prefix to a new system where you could easily identify the age of the vehicle and where it was registered.

Here is how the new style plates are broken down:

DVLA Memory Tag

The first two letter of a number plate refer to the regional office of where a vehicle was registered, we will be publishing a list of the offices in a future article.

Age Identifier

The two numbers tell you when the plate was issued, for the 1st March 2022, the numbers would be 22. If the car is registered after the 1st September 2022 it would be 72.

Random Letters

The last three letters of the plate are completely random, this gives the DVLA a lot more available options to publish more plates.

How can you tell how old a car is?

Two numbers are issued each year, 1st March and the 1st September, this year 22 plate will refer to cars registered after 1st March 2022 and 72 plate will refer to cars registered after the 1st September 2022.

We’ve created the table below to help you identify other years of registered vehicles:

Registration YearMarchSeptember
201010 Plate60 Plate
201111 Plate61 Plate
201212 Plate62 Plate
201313 Plate63 Plate
201414 Plate64 Plate
201515 Plate65 Plate
201616 Plate66 Plate
201717 Plate67 Plate
201818 Plate68 Plate
201919 Plate69 Plate
202020 Plate70 Plate
202121 Plate71 Plate
202222 Plate72 Plate
202323 Plate73 Plate
202424 Plate74 Plate
202525 Plate75 Plate
203030 Plate80 Plate
203535 Plate85 Plate
204040 Plate90 Plate
204545 Plate95 Plate
2050 (Final Year)50 Plate00 Plate

Using the current system will allow the DVLA to issue plates up to 2050, the last numbers to be issued will be 1st September 2050 and will be ’00’.

Who has 22 Plate cars?

Use our website to find providers who currently have 22 plate car subscriptions available, at the time of writing the following providers were showing having stock on the latest plate:

Care by Volvo
Cocoon Vehicles Ltd
Drive Car Flex
Short Term Car Leasing Ltd
*Correct at the time of publishing

Car Subscription Comparison

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