Top Car Subscription Providers for February 2022

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February was another bumper month with 10,118 unique visitors to the car-subscription website, a fantastic result but as yet we’re yet to beat September 2021’s record of 10,279.

February has been an exciting month with lots going off behind the scenes, we’re currently in discussions with a few subscription providers to feed vehicles into the website to see their latest offerings, this is in the early stages but we’re very excited.

We’d also like to welcome Sixt+ to our website both as a listed provider and an advertising partner (banner ad campaign).

Most Popular Subscription Providers for February 2022

As per the previous months, we’re currently keeping our Top 5 structure, results as follows:

Top 5 Subscription Providers

Based on page views:

  1. Cazoo
  2. Flexed
  3. Care by Volvo
  4. Elmo
  5. Flexigo

The list above has been compiled based on the number of visits to each page as a unique visitor, in terms of click-out please see the following list:

Top 5 Subscription Providers for Click-Outs

  1. Cazoo
  2. Flexigo (Ad Campaign)
  3. Cocoon Vehicles
  4. Flexed
  5. Sixt+ (Ad Campaign)

For transparency, we have included those subscription providers who have active advertising campaigns as all click-outs are rolled into the same count.

Most Popular Articles

Website traffic is high as a lot of the entry pages are based on our popular articles, as a trial we have decided o list the top 5 articles for the month of February 2022:

  1. SUV Car Subscriptions
  2. Need a flexible car subscription quickly?
  3. Are subscriptions the new way of paying monthly for your car?
  4. Choosing an Electric or Hybrid Car Subscription
  5. How long is a Car Subscription Contract?

Please click on the articles above and use the contact form displayed on the footer to get in touch with any articles you would find of interest, this month we had suggestions for Prestige Cars and SUV’s. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and listen to many of the articles published. Helps You Compare

Use our website to easily compare car subscription providers in the UK, including those that offer insurance or those that offer truly flexible car subscriptions. We also help you compare Van Subscriptions on our website with a handful of commercial vehicles suppliers.

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