Find out why Businesses are turning to vehicle subscriptions

Find out why Businesses are turning to vehicle subscriptions

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The main word we here from businesses in 2023 is flexibility and this word is key for those companies that are running fleets of cars and commercial vehicles in the UK. Staff turnover for many business-owners is at an all-time high, higher salaries and staff incentives being the main reason why employees are jumping ship. By utilising car and van subscriptions within your fleet, you can add the flexibility of an expansive car-fleet without the high initial costs and long-term commitments.

What can Car Subscriptions add to a business?

Here are a few good reasons why car subscriptions work for a business:

Lower Upfront Costs

With vehicle purchasing or traditional car leasing, the amount you have to put down as an initial payment or deposit can be quite high. When you compare car subscriptions to these more traditional financing routes, the upfront costs are much lower.

Fixed Cost Motoring

When you subscribe to a car or van, the majority of the vehicle providers include servicing, maintenance, breakdown assistance and road tax as standard. This provides you with one payment covering all of the motoring essentials. All you need to worry about is charging or fueling, as well as fully-comprehensive insurance.

Easy Fleet Expansion

By utilising car and van subscriptions for your fleet, you can easily expand the number of available vehicles extremely quickly with most providers having physical stock vehicles that can be delivered straightaway. Not only that but you can also send them back when you no longer need them.

Latest Modern Vehicles

Whilst some of the subscription providers do have older cars on fleet, there are also companies who offer brand new or nearly new cars. This gives you access to some of the latest vehicles in the marketplace and allows your company image to portray professionalism and where required, green credentials, see the next paragraph for details.

Greener Fleet Options

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars can easily be considered when you opt for a vehicle subscription, many of the providers run some of the latest greener cars from brands such as Tesla, BYD, Volvo and BMW.


Finally… The most important aspect to a vehicle subscription for a business. Flexibility! With many subscriptions available from just 1-month, a car subscription allows you to run vehicles for as long as you need them for. Should a member of staff leave, off-hire it and stoip paying for it. Taken on a short-term project, subscribe to additional vehicles.

Who offers car subscriptions for business?

The positive is that if you do operate a business and you need cars for your fleet, we have a number of businesses on our website that offers business car subscriptions, please see a selection below:

Cocoon Logo with Trademark

Since 2007, Cocoon Vehicles in Derby has been offering flexible vehicle solutions to businesses. Whether you operate 1 car or 100 cars, they can help with expanding your fleet very quickly and easily.

elmo logo

elmo offers an all-inclusive alternative to electric car business leases with a range of EV’s available on a flexible basis from just 60 days. It has the widest range of electric cars in the subscription market.

Flexed Car Subscriptions

Flexed is a sub-brand of Autohorn who run one of the largest fleets of flexible cars in the UK. Their 28 day packages work around you and your business on a range of new and used cars and vans.

Pivotal Logo

Land Rover Jaguar are behind this amazing business car subscription and as you can guess covers the full range of JLR cars including the LR Defender, Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-Pace.

Care by Volvo Logo

Volvo Car Subscriptions gives you a 3-month notice contract on the full range of Volvo models including the latest Volvo EX30 and the Volvo EX90. Clear contracts and excellent customer service.

Who offers van subscriptions for business?

Traditionally when it came to needing a commercial vehicle (van) over a longer period, we’d reach out to companies such as Northgate, Kennings or Europcar, but times are changing and Van Subscriptions are hitting the road big times. Click the button below to find out more about Van Subscriptions.

Easily Compare

Use the to compare the different vehicle subscription providers in the UK, as well as those who offer business specific services. If you need any help, please do drop us a line.

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