Most Popular Vehicle Subscription Services for July 2022

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August already and our website has been super busy during the month of July 2022. Our visitor numbers hit 7667 an increase on the month before, but still falls slightly behind our busiest month which was September 2021 which hit 10,279 visitors.

Our increase is mainly down to what we believe is Cazoo customers looking for alternative subscription companies since Cazoo has ended it’s own vehicle subscription service.

Site Developments

We have made quite a few improvements to the website during the month of July, these are mainly server side to improve the site speeds and SEO side of things. This is still work in development but we have already seen some great improvements.

On top of this, we are working on a new quoting tool, working with a number of subscription companies so that consumers can complete a form and it go through to the inboxes of the “opted-in” businesses.

We’re still working on a deals feed for the website, but with Cazoo pulling out (one of our main partners), it has taken a back seat.

Most Popular Providers for July 2022

All of the figures below have been taken from our internal Stat system, and we have excluded Cazoo from the numbers:

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd
Drive Car Flex
Disclaimer. Cazoo would have been in 1st position for the month of July 2022



The following chart has been created from our internal stat system, but excludes Cazoo:

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd
Drive Car Flex
Flexigo Cars
Disclaimer. Cazoo would have been in position 2 for the month of July 2022

New Companies

We’re pleased to have been able to add Genesis Flexibility to the site in July 2022, this is already a huge hit with many of our visitors to the Car-Subscriptions website.

If you run or own a car subscription business, don’t forget to submit your business details using our simple form: Add Your Business


As we reported last month, stock levels are increasing and it has been reported in the press recently that new car production has increased. Prices are still on the rise with many of the manufacturers not providing any additional discounts to the funders/suppliers of subscription vehicles.

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