Question of the Week: Cannot renew Cazoo Subscription but I have poor credit

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Claire from Broadway has asked: My Cazoo Car Subscription is coming to an end and they can not offer me a replacement, whilst they offered me the option of used car finance, they declined my application due to my poor credit. One of the main reasons for using Drover (now Cazoo) was due to them accepting people with far from perfect credit, what can you recommend?

Cazoo Ending Subscriptions

As we have already reported in our news section, due to major cost-cutting at Cazoo, they have decided to end their popular car subscription service in the UK. And whilst we have already posted about Cazoo Alternatives, not all of these services offer vehicles to those with poor or bad credit scores.

We do have a section on the website for those with bad credit looking for a subscription, but this solution might not fit everybody’s requirements.

How can this website help?

We have sent an email out to all of the vehicle subscription companies on this website to see if it is a service that they offer. We’ve seen that a few of the companies offer credit based on affordability and stability checks, but we would like to clarify a few areas.

Articles of Interest

We’ve also covered a couple of articles that may be worth a read, these include:

Watch out for Fraudsters

With the influx of influencers on social networks such as Tik-Tok and Instagram, there are many companies popping up offering “No credit check car subscriptions” – Many will ask for large upfront payments and will not be advertised by reputable companies.

Always check the company’s history the business should have been trading for a few years with positive accounts filed at Companies House. Ideally, they should also be on the FCA register, this is something we check before we allow any company to be listed on our website.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding obtaining a vehicle subscription with bad credit, please either visit the relevant page or drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page.

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