Question of the week: Who offers pay-as-you-go cars?

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Kevin from Penrith has asked us: “Who offers pay-as-you-go cars?” – In terms of PAYG cars, we are thinking that you are looking for a rolling monthly contract and something that you can send back with little or no notice, so let’s take a look.

Pay-as-you-go Cars

Many of the car subscription companies in the UK offer a rolling monthly contract, what we mean by this is a vehicle that you take for 1-month and you roll on month-by-month after that period.

Cazoo no longer offers car subscription options, but they asked that you signed up for a 6, 12, 24 or 36-month contract, so this wouldn’t work for you.

But companies such as Flexed, Cocoon Vehicles and if you don’t mind electric; Elmo and ONTO offer a 1-month option, Flexed is actually 28 days.

Their contracts allow you to take a car for 1-month and allow you to remain in the car until you give them written notice to return or terminate the subscription.

Rolling Monthly Contracts

Before you sign any documentation, just make sure you have opted for their flexible contracts and you have selected 1-month. Many of the companies offer short-term car leases (6-12 month fixed car leases) or prices based on a longer period of time, so double-check the contracts.

If you don’t want to keep swapping your car all of the time, make sure you can keep the same car for a longer period. Car Subscription Providers such as Flexigo, Cocoon Vehicles and Flexirental allow you to stay in many of their vehicles for up to 12 months without swapping, others such as Sixt+ may require you to swap into something else after 3 months.

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If you would like any further information about any of these car subscription providers, use our comparison pages to help assist your decision.

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