Top Gear’s great article on Car Subscriptions

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Refreshed Volvo XC90 on Car Subscription
Refreshed Volvo XC90 on Car Subscription
Credit: Top Gear Magazine

Our favourite motoring magazine; Top Gear, has finally written an article about Car Subscriptions and explaining how they work in the typical TG way.

It makes a really good read, so we thought we’d share the article on the website, but please note. this is an external link and we do not have any responsibility for the content on these websites.

Highlights of the article

We thought we’d provide some of our favourite parts of the article and to help convince you why you should seriously consider subscribing to your next car.

“When you subscribe to the car, you get the car you want”

TG point out the main reasons why you should subscribe instead of opting for a long-term car rental agreement. This point is that you are actually subscribing to the car advertisied, it isn’t a group of cars and you are guaranteeing the car you have ordered.

“subscribing to a car can be cheaper than buying one”

TG show an example of why subscribing to a car can be cheaper than buying one. They base it on the move to all electric cars. Subscriptions allow you to try the vehicle over a longer period to see how your transitions fits in with your day-to-day commutes or school runs.

“Can you get a car subscription without a credit check?”

A great mention of a highly requested enquiry from our readers is regarding credit checks. They quickly point out that as it is a financial product, checks are carried out to see if you can afford a car subscription. If you do have bad credit, there are some options open to you.

“On a car subscription, you can change the car”

Unlike a car lease, Top Gear quite rightly points out that with a car subscription you can change your car on a more frequent basis, subscriptions are flexible contracts so there is no need to commit to 2 or 3 years anymore.

“And in the longer term, it can work out quite expensive.”

Depending on your circumstances, car subscriptions can work out more expensive than a car lease or by taking out a personal contract purchase. But if you are the type of customer who likes to swap their cars on a more regular basis, there isn’t a better way of running a flexible car.

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More Information

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