You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy

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BMW Car with a yellow post it attached saying "Subscribe Me"

There is a popular saying being banded around the press currently “You’ll own nothing and be happy” – This is actually a phrase used by critics of the World Economic Forum, you can read more about it on the Wikipedia article which is linked from the highlighted text, but today we’re going to use this article to find out why more and more people are choosing to subscribe to their cars.

Subscribe to a Car

There are many customers who are dead against subscribing to a car, they feel it is similar to renting a property, being “dead money” but cars are very different to houses or property.

Unless you get really lucky, a car loses money from day one of registration whereas properties tend to gain value over time. The goal is to find the best way of financing a car to prevent you paying too much out over the desired time.

Car Subscriptions come into their own for those who cannot rely on set personal circumstances. This has become even more of a thing, since the pandemic (Covid-19) where job security has diminished or they are enjoying more free time with their family and friends.

For businesses, car subscriptions are now becoming a vital element of their fleet management. Flexible cars for staff who no longer thrive to reach those 10, 15 or 25 year service goals, swapping and changing jobs as new challenges arise or the prospect of a higher salary whisk them off to another company.

Vehicle Subscriptions are also fantastic for those who don’t really want to commit to a 2 or 3 year car lease, or a 3 or 4 year PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). Subscriptions give you the ability to swap your cars on a more regular basis, with upgrades and downgrades with an email or a phone call.

The majority of the subscription companies listed on this site, give you the option to take the vehicle longer, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Giving you a truly flexible car subscription to suit your needs.

Subscriptions also give you the ability to try out vehicles before you do actually commit. Paying out £600 per month for 3 months to sample an electric car, is much cheaper than paying out £35,000 and realising that the car just doesn’t work for you.

BMW Car with a yellow post it attached saying "Subscribe Me"

All The Essentials Included

Another positive to make you happy with a car subscription is that you get all of the essentials includes:

Some of the companies also include insurance or charging, use our site to help find the ideal subscription company for you.

Car Subscription Offers

There are plenty of car subscription deals available, but don’t forget to see our CAR SUBSCRIPTION DEALS pages to see if there is a car for you. We’re currently trialling feeding in many of the providers vehicles so that you can not only compare their services, but also vehicles and prices. This includes the popular Care by Volvo service and elmo!

Subscribe to your car and be happy!

Today we’ve only touched on the basics of why subscribing to your next car will make you happy, who doesn’t love that new car smell.

Easily Compare Car Subscriptions in One Place

Our aim is to provide one portal where consumers and businesses can compare all of the vehicle subscription providers in the UK. From those that include insurance to those who offer truly flexible car subscriptions.

Use our compare car subscriptions page for help, drop us a line or read the news for the latest information.

Patty Atindehou

Patty is the content writer for and loves her cars and the automotive industry in general. She worked for large dealer groups in the United Kingdom and the USA specialising in high-end and premium vehicles. Her goal is to provide the most interesting information on the vehicle subscription industry.

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