Most Popular Subscription Providers for August 2023

Most Popular Subscription Providers for August 2023

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August 2023 saw 6,228 visitors to the Car Subscriptions website, all looking to compare the different subscription providers in the UK or search out the latest deals on our marketplace. September is usually a busy one and this month we see the launch of the 73 plate. Lets see who is our most popular providers for August 2023.

Most Popular Providers for August 2023

This month we have again taken the figures purely from Google Analytics, which we feel is showing a more realistic figure when it comes to reporting the numbers. We felt the other system used was also taking into account our team viewing figures and therefore did not give a true picture to visitor numbers. Our team must be logged in to view any of the pages on our website, our plugin for Analytics then excludes these numbers.

Cazoo is no longer reported in our figures as they no longer offer Car Subscriptions.

Clic-Outs for August 2023

The numbers below are based on the number of visitors to the website who click-out to the providers external website, it does not include any of their advertised vehicles on the car subscription deals page. Cazoo have been excluded from the numbers below.

Disclaimer: Cazoo would have been in 5th place for July 2023. *sponsored content.


August has been another business month in building partnerships and developing the website, including work on our international platform.

We will also be launching an insurance quote tool to help you get some realistic figures on those providers that do not bundle fully comprehensive insurance with their vehicles, opening the door for customers on a greater range of vehicles.

Our services page has also been very busy and we can tell that we have been in the holiday season as the Airport Parking page has been our most viewed section. We will soon be launching our eSim page after requests from Expats who have contacted our team for further information.

Voltric and Ezoo have made a great start on our website and we hope that their visitor numbers see a boost over September 2023.

If anyone can provide any further recommendations for the website, please do drop us a line.

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