Top Car Subscription Providers for October 2021

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Hundreds of Cars

It has been an extremely busy month for visitors to the Car Subscription website, mainly due to delays caused by the worldwide chip shortage. Short-Term cars are even more in demand than ever to plug an important gap until that shiny new long-term car arrives on the drive.

But who has been the most popular subscription service for October 2021?

In order of most popular to least popular, please see our rankings below:

Most Popular Car Subscription Service

  1. Cazoo
  2. ONTO
  3. Cocoon Vehicles Ltd
  4. Flexigo
  5. Short Term Leasing Ltd
  6. Carpe
  7. Leaseplan
  8. Drive Car Flex
  9. Elmo
  10. Flexed
  11. Wagonex
  12. Care by Volvo
  13. Flexirental (Only Added Mid-October)

Correct using stats from our internal system for October 2021

Easily Compare Car Subscriptions

Use our websites to find the vehicle subscription that works for you, from those who offer inclusive car insurance to those that offer premium cars, or even those who offer the best value for money based on rolling monthly contracts.

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Post Published: November 2, 2021
Post Last Updated: May 11, 2022