Top Providers for June 2022

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Visitor numbers dipped slightly for the month of June 2022, with 6,090 visitors coming to the Car Subscriptions website. Our articles section saw the largest overall increase, which we have put down to the recent news about Cazoo coming out of the Car Subscription market.

Site Developments

We hit a slight stumbling block this month with our recent site developments, this is due to the main new feature of our website coming to a halt due to the recent news about Cazoo. Our deals feed was working around a couple of the providers on this website, but with quite a bit of input from this provider.

We will of course keep working on the website and hope to bring you feeds from other suppliers in the not-to-distant future.

Most Popular Subscription Providers for June 2022

The figures below are taken from our internal stat system and excludes Cazoo from our numbers:

Cocoon Vehicles
Drive Car Flex
Elmo Drive
Disclaimer: Cazoo would have been in position 3 for the month of June 2022

Click Outs

The following chart has been created from our internal system, but this excludes Cazoo:

Drive Car Flex
Cocoon Vehicles
Elmo Drive
Disclaimer: Cazoo would have been in position 1 for the month of June 2022


Stock levels for most subscription providers are now much better than 2 months ago, with more of the providers stating they have immediate availability. This is helping with supply. Prices have increased both due to the cost of living, but also because of the stock restrictions manufacturers are less willing to provide discounts to these subscription providers.

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