Latest News: Could we see Cazoo offer Car Subscriptions again?

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Cazoo delivering a red Mini

With the latest headlines from Car Dealer Magazine that Cazoo will be pulling out of mainland Europe to concentrate on the UK market, we have a look to see if we think Cazoo will be offering car subscriptions again.

Cazoo Car Subscriptions

Cazoo started offering car subscriptions after acquiring Drover in December 2020. Drover at the point was one of the UK’s leading car subscription service, started in 2016 by Felix Leuschner.

Cazoo recently announced a huge cost-cutting exercise which saw them bringing their vehicle subscription service to an end due to the amount of cash that was tied up in the subscription vehicle inventory.

The whole operation of Cazoo was firmly going to focus on used vehicle sales and getting the company to a breakeven point.

Will Cazoo bring back Car Subscriptions?

It is very unlikely that Cazoo will re-introduce its car subscription service in the near future. With the rising costs we’re currently facing due to many factors including the chip shortage, COVID and the war in Ukraine, all companies are looking at saving their cash balances.

We’ve seen a number of the smaller subscription companies go into liquidation recently due to the shortage or expense of vehicles and we cannot see Cazoo making the same mistake twice.

Bad Press

Cazoo has also been in the press recently after an undercover investigation covering both Cazoo and Cargiant by Dispatches on Channel 4, discovered that both retailers were selling cars that had been written off.

Cazoo has also had a massive drop in the company’s value on the stock market after investors got the jitters due to the multiple concerns regarding the company.

What about existing Cazoo Customers?

As subscriptions with Cazoo come to a natural end, qualifying customers can opt to purchase a new vehicle via their traditional car financing methods, with hundreds of quality checked cars available from a fantastic range of vehicle manufacturers.

If you still want to stick with a car subscription, take a look at Cazoo Subscription Alternatives to see who can help you.

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